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4 Memorial Square

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Our Story

Serving up fresh coffee all day every day

Welcome to In The Neighbourhood Coffee House & Roastery and the home of Neighbourhood Coffee. We are a micro coffee roaster, coffee house and retailer, situated in the heart of Martinborough, Wairarapa NZ.


Bag of Bull Rush Coffee Beans NHD Coffee House & Roastery Love thy Neighbour

Our Story

We all need a place we can drop into for a great coffee, a chat, a smile of recognition and a slice of indulgence baked from the heart.

We love our wee Neighbourhood and we also love what we do. Our aim is to deliver the tastiest coffee without any pretentiousness, in a chilled out environment, where you can take time out and watch the world go by.  Welcome to our Neighbourhood where we roast amazing coffee.


Bag of Bull Rush Coffee Beans NHD Coffee House & Roastery Love thy Neighbour

Our Coffee

We're about keeping things simple

We have a very simple coffee philosophy here at NHD, we source high quality coffee beans, and accomplish an excellent roasted coffee that is consistent in flavour and simply serve it with care and respect.


Our Coffee

Handcrafted Fair trade & 100% Organic

At Neighbourhood Coffee we handcraft in small batches, blending ethically sourced, 100% organic Arabica beans. Our House Blend ‘Bull Rush’ boasts a medium body with floral notes and honey overtones.

Neighbourhood Coffee dropped its first roast back in October 2015 and after 6 months we soon realised that our micro 1kg drum coffee roaster was never going to keep up with the demand our wee neighbourhood community required. This lead us to hunt down  something a little bigger and we soon commissioned the installation of a 10kg Has Garanti coffee roaster.

We now roast not only for our coffee house 'In The Neighbourhood' but cafes, accommodation, offices and retail stores throughout the Wairarapa.

If you are interest in wholesale coffee, we would be super stoked to chat with you.

Contact us at:

Order beans

We courier Neighbourhood coffee across the country, if you need hooking up contact us at:


 Fresh coffee bags - Bullrush and Knock Knock

Our Barrel Aged Roast

Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Coffee

The business of brewing and consuming coffee is captivating and it has become far too easy in our consumer culture for us to forget that coffee is a fruit, a cherry, a crop that is grown by farmers, we believe if handled properly at origin, coffee has the potential to be respected and treated like a fine wine.

Green Coffee beans are porous and there for excel at absorbing nearby aromas. At Neighbourhood Coffee we have been experimenting with aging green coffee beans in used award winning Atarangi Pinot Noir barrels. This partnership aims to infuse the chocolatey coffee flavours with subtle hints of poignant fruit notes, creating a coffee packed with flavour.

We are excited about the process and the soon to be release NHD Barrel Aged Roast.

 Coffee Roaster

NHD sign

Our Cafe

In The Neighbourhood Coffee House

Time slows down when you enter the best little coffee house in town. Coffee is about the experience, it’s that moment when your hand is warmed by the mug, you bring it up to your nose, inhale deeply and then take a sip.

How-ever for our regular morning troopers its about setting them up for the day and simply hooking them up with there caffeine fix and sending them on their merry way!

Our Cafe

In the Neighbourhood Coffee House and Roastery offers free WiFi and an exciting range of wholesome cabinet food from freshly baked treats to fresh gourmet salads, super-food smoothies, and gluten free delights.

Neighbourhood Coffee is fairly traded and certified organic, we offer a range of alternative milk including rice, soy, coconut and almond, and just quietly our kids fluffies are free. Our Super food smoothies are blended with fresh fruit and veggies and will make your belly smile.

On offer for breakfast is our homemade muesli with fresh fruit compote, toasted bagels with our creme fraiche spreads, bacon and egg pies and breakfast quiches. Fruit muffins, pastry danishes and our amazing caramel and berry oaty slice are baked fresh daily.

Our 'To Die For' gluten free raspberry and chocolate brownie should be illegal and our cheese scones have been voted the best in NZ by RadioLIVE. Come in and try them for yourself... and you be the judge!

Our Crew

Serving up a shot of goodness...

Inspired by our passion for great coffee, we believe good old fashioned customer service goes along way. We simply create the means to bring our community together, consistency, awesome service, upbeat tunes and a good quality product.


Our Crew

Our aim is to deliver kick ass coffee and delicious food, with chilled out tunes and staff that rock, in an environment that makes us all smile, and situated right in the heart of our favourite community. We all share the love of the Wairarapa and know just how infectious it can be.

Our team are a bunch of locals who bring with them a passion for great coffee, personalities that shine and an eagerness to offer a warm, cheerful and upbeat experience.  So pop on your shoes, jump on your bike and come hang out. We are always up for smiles, conversation and a good giggle!

 All good in the hood

Our Retail

Born from the love of NZ made treasures

We are constantly adding items to NHD Retail that engage conversations of past times growing up in New Zealand and create reminders of  the simple things in life that make us smile.

Coffee cup NHD Life begins after coffee

OUR Retail


NHD coffee house interior and design was born from the love of Kiwiana treasures and sweet knick-knacks found whilst trawling op shops around the country, our retail on offer reflects the same theme.

You'll find affordable New Zealand art pieces, pretty things for your house, and nostalgic bits of Kiwiana for those who like to reminisce, cute retro games and puzzles for the nippers and stunning NZ designed homewares and gift cards.

A range of New Zealand made products including Hoity Toi Tea tea range, Wild Fennel meat rubs, Black Kauri Toffee, West Coast Cocoa, Brooklyn Deli Ginger Bread and homemade jams line the shelves.

Neighbourhood gift cards and vouchers are also in the house. You could simply purchase a 'Love Thy Neighbour' Coffee gift card or a $20 gift voucher and don't forget the best gift for family, friends, the boss  or your favorite neighbour a freshly roasted bag of Neighbourhood Coffee "Bull Rush" Blend.

It's all good in the hood - we've got you covered.



 Shane Hansen

Location of Neighbourhood Coffee

Contact us

In the Neighbourhood Coffee House and Roastery is located on the square in the heart of Martinborough, open 7 days from 6:30am 'til 4pm

4 Memorial Square, 5711 Martinborough

PH: 06 3066378  |  MB: 027 306 0010